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Let's continue the Les Mills philosophy and be brave. Why not publish my first English blog ever so that more people around the world can have an idea what it feels like to be a Les Mills trainer.

I just got back from Rome and even though I have been there for only four day it feels like I have been off the planet for about two weeks. Completely exhausted and disorientated I stepped off the plane, got my luggage to catch the train home, only to hear that there were no trains from Schiphol tot Amsterdam due to a fire alarm. What now? Normally this would not be a problem (what about a bus or a taxi, a call to my colleague?) but this time I just froze and completely blacked out.

Hardly any sleep for three days, a full schedule of work outs, lectures and emotional challenges can do that to a person. But that doesn't matter. It's all for a good cause. Changing people's lives, touching them with your passion. Knowing how to inspire other instructors to do the same. In that way a more healthy life style can spread like an oil stain. Getting people in action and in shape, inspiring them to get the best out of themselves, making them feel that a Les Mills work out can be fun and making them aware how special they are.

When my participants feel good about themselves, I feel good about myself. For me Les Mills is an amazing tool to spread that fantastic feeling. When participants share with me how much their lives have improved because of the classes I teach, I get a smile on my face. What a wonderful profession I have! I can't even imagine that I ever hesitated for months to become an instructor (I once was a participant hobbling around in the gym). I didn't want to be in front of a class looking at a bunch of not motivated people trying to move their but.

And look at me now. I even got to be a Les Mills trainer attending the Euro Summit for the second time! Let's put new information into practice. Where in my body do I feel that I am part of the Les Mills family? And what exactly do I feel? I feel warmth, love, calmness, excitement, energy, inspiration, commitment, passion and last but not least happiness in my stomach and in my heart. So what do you think about these words? Or more interesting. What and where do you feel this when reading these words?

More than 260 trainers from all over the world attended the Euro Summit. Including: China, the Middle East, Russia, Greece, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Spain, France, Iceland, Nordic, Serbia, Italy, Holland and of course New Zealand. One tribe changing the world!


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